Project Description

Develop Your Strategy

Let me do all the hard work and you get the benefits!

This is equally for you if you are a leader in a growing business with no specialist team in place, or an experienced communicator with no time on your hands.

Package Includes:

This is one of my most popular packages – a complete and neat communication strategy for your business or project handed to you in a matter of days while you carry on with your day job!

Maybe you haven’t ever had a strategy? or you are embarking on a new business direction or maybe your major construction or business transformation project needs to reach a variety of people in different ways and you’re not sure where to start? This is perfect for you if you are time-poor comms expert or if you have no team I place but know you need to get the ‘comms stuff’ right.

What do you get?

This full-service package includes everything listed in the 1:1 bite-size comms planning, PLUS;

  • Three one-hour calls with me via Zoom at each stage of the following stages;
  • Stage 1: Desktop analysis of your market, competitors and key documents such as your business plan or existing messaging or strategy
  • Stage 2: Presentation of the analysis and findings to internal stakeholders, project team or the Board
  • Stage 3: A completed 6-month strategy document including next steps and a summarised presentation format (in your branding if supplied)
  • An easy peasy implementation plan to help you deliver your strategy
  • A handover meeting to transfer the knowledge and the plan
  • A check-in call with you/your team to see how you are doing

You will get my time, experience and insight to help you OR your management team understand how to reach your customers in the right way while supporting your business goals.


  • A joined-up and clear plan presented to you
  • Insights on which customers to prioritise
  • Next steps on how to implement the plan with the right tactics and budget required

Prices vary depending on the size of your business or project and the number of interviews and research required.

*I can work with you or your team 1:1 to help manage the implementation of this business tool, CONTACT ME below for more info.

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